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event.png 11.06.2018 / 00:00 Time



 We will have Guild Package For New Comers to cope up with other Players.

Minimum of 5 members 
Must be all active
Must reach level 70 (all members)
Must have legit facebook

Guild package reward
Madrigal Guardian set (20% Speed + 10 all Stats) 
6pieces Amplies 
50 Million penya
Dragon Cloak Of Adept (+7stats)





event.png 02.06.2018 / 00:00 Time




Reward for top 10 players to reach level 130!


Dark Demon set (M/F) Fashion set with speed +15% all stats+15

1 perin

Cloak of Light

PERMA Looter pet ( Random Box) with Pick-Up Pet Upgrade

1day bronze



news.png 02.06.2018 / 00:00 Time



Welcome to Undead Flyff

Started In June 2, 2018

Exp Rate = 15
Drop Rate = 15
Penya Rate = 20

† Max level 150.
† /Awakening command (400k).
† World Boss Event
† Pet Filter.
† Looter buff Pet Glow Exchanger (free).
† Player Name Color Changer.
† Party Finder.
† Timer(For next FFA, Guild Siege and Dungeon Cooldowns).
† Guild siege 1x a day, (or upon request of players).
† Guild Buffs (Guild must be Level 19+. you can see Buffs at Start>Features>Guild Buffs).
† Free For All *FFA Match every 3Hours 
† Custom Weapon Fashion and Custom Fashion.
† Item link (Ctrl + Double Click on item, to view Right click on Chat box).
† Boss Quest Item Exchanger for Items
† Redchip exchanger (Get from Guild War, 10 per kill)
† Collecting Area Manager(Exchange Mineral Chunks for Items/Models).
† Premium Map(Farm Penya and a chance to drop redchips) 
† Level Up rewards
† Minecraft Models (hunt its head for fashion head with 5% exp bonus).
† Droppable Fashions with(Rare, Epic, Godly) stats, its droppable from level 20 - 150 monster.
† Rarities system (Rare, Epic, Godly) you can get this from red chips
† Boss hunt system, you can get penya from killing boss starting at darkon 3,
† Level 120 Bloody Parts/Set are droppable from level 120+ monster Specially at Dark Treasia
† Teleporting needs blinkwings, buff pet you can use it for teleportation.
† Housing System.
† /Wiki list
† Arena System